About Jessica Yeong

Hello, I'm Jessica - a British born Chinese 'takeaway kid' living in the North West of England. I am a self taught printmaker specialising in sustainable relief printmaking and digital illustration.

Portrait of Jessica Yeong - Printmaker, Artist and the face of Bert and Roxy: Sustainable Linocuts and illustration

I have learnt to love and embrace my immigrant upbringing, my moments of "Britishness", the celebration of my Hong Kong Chinese culture and heritage, and now, through my partner, Malaysian Chinese traditions. The UK is my home. Hong Kong is my home and Malaysia is my home. After all, it does make life a lot more interesting, and what is life if it is not interesting? (Also, this is also about as philosophical as I will get).

More about Bert and Roxy

Bert and Roxy is the idea, the dream, the little home studio, through which I work. Through Bert and Roxy, I create stories in art inspired by ordinary domestic tasks, the mundane, the everyday rituals of daily life. Life which has been influenced by my Hong Kong Chinese and Malaysian Chinese traditions. Through my art, I hope it will remind you of your own home and bring you a little bit of cultural nostalgia.

I currently work mainly in producing limited edition linocut prints, enjoying the methodical carving and inking, whilst exploring and dabbling in other forms of relief printmaking. The technique of digital illustration helps me to nurture my creativity and experimentation. You can see my different artworks here.

Bert and Roxy's Values

I take pride in all the meticulous and time consuming steps it takes to create hand made artwork for you through my small business, but in doing so, I have come to learn of the potentially harmful impact that some conventional materials have on the environment and the negative effect of irresponsible use of other materials. Just as my parents worked hard to ensure that I can have a healthy life of opportunities, I feel that it is just as vital for me to do my part and work sustainably so that future generations can too have a life of good health and opportunity.

Through research and experimentation, I am constantly working and adapting to bring you sustainable art. So when you make the choice to decorate your home with my art, you can be reassured that the source of the materials, the process and design has been made as environmentally conscious as possible, whilst maintaining a high quality archival standard. You can learn more about the ways I incorporate sustainability into my work practice here.