Headshot of printmaker Jessica Yeong of Bert and Roxy, a British Chinese Creative, sitting and smiling against a neutral fabric background

About the printmaker

Jessica, the creative behind Bert and Roxy, is a printmaker and artist specialising in consciously created linocut prints and digital illustration. Jessica creates sustainable art inspired by her observations living as a British Chinese person in the North West England. A little bit of British life, mixed with Chinese heritage and traditions!

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A collection of cutting tools, pencils and brushes with a block of compostable lino used to create sustainable linocut prints

Explore Bert and Roxy's sustainable practices

Bert and Roxy is about creating beautiful artwork with high quality archival materials that is rooted in sustainable and eco friendly design. This is done through the considered choice of materials, art practice and business approach. Every piece of artwork is carefully crafted from sustainable sources and all natural materials. Every parcel is sent in plastic free and fully recyclable or reusable packaging.

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